Sunday, March 22, 2009

Funerals For Dummies

Do you have the ashes? 
Yes...No! I grabbed...wait, which Whole Foods bag are they in? 
Hold on, this is the wrong one.
Okay, here she is. Oh, here she is.......

A Stellars Jay lands on a bush, a car honks
Everyone goes to the bird feeder, so does the Stellars Jay

Is the camera on?
Yes, of course! He says irritated.
Well, it looks like you might have a branch in your way. 
She says slowly.

I don't! He says, having been married to her for 40 years. 
There is a branch.

She puts her hands inside and feels the small plastic bag.
Undoes the twist tie. Looks at the ground beneath the feeder. 
Her mother had laid her in her arms, took her to the doctor everyday to see if it was polio and if it would go away,
braided her hair. Here was: birdseed, cracked mud,
and was that dog poop five feet away?

She loved birds. Remember how much she loved birds?

She puts her hands into... ground up shells? 
She brings it up to her face. 
He has the lens cap on.

Hold on a sec...Okay, whoops. He frowns at the camera.

What do you mean "Whoops"?! This is my Mother!! Oh Gawd.......

Well, hold on, Jeez. I'm sorry, damnit!  
How do you turn this thing on?

She loved birds. Remember how much she loved birds?

What do you mean you "How do you turn it on!!!"

Okay, got it! Ready?

What!....On three?!

The bird has left the feeder. A feather fell off on it's way to the bush, but nothing else too bad happened.

One. Two. Three. They finally both say, mad and sad and a little loud.
Grey dust flies in the air. She remembers a picture of her 
as a toddler in Germany in tall boots you had to lace with hook.

She looks down at the dry ground below the feeder, where all 
the birds she had loved so much all her life fed from, 
and the dust seemed to have disappeared. 
Maybe some was on her lip.

Then her husband, unwittingly starting the next stage of their lives, 
said: Wait a sec, why is this flashing?
She, feeling abandoned (in so many ways!!) suggested calling the kids.